Welsh Assembly

Welsh Assembly

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Assembly Elections 2011

On the 5th of May, the Welsh Assembly elections will take place, anyone living in Wales will have the opportunity to vote for their AM. Currently there is a Plaid Cymru and Labour coalition government. The Welsh Assembly is able to make laws in Wales, in twenty broad areas, such as health, education, transport, environment and tourism. This has meant that the Welsh Assembly has been able to ease the burden of the Westminster’s government cuts, which are hitting Wales hardest. Wales is the poorest nation in the UK so a different approach to welfare is needed.

The Assembly does also play a big role in the industry in Wales too- it played a big part in attracting the insurance company Admiral to Cardiff which has created thousands of jobs. The Welsh Assembly has achieved much, although it was only created in 1997, and has only recently been awarded law making powers, but it can achieve so much more in the next four years if Labour achieve a majority.

A Labour Welsh government would mean:

  1. More apprenticeships and training opportunities for young people, who currently are the age bracket with highest unemployment rat
  2. Access to GP surgeries in the evenings and on Saturdays
  3. More funding for our schools
  4. An extra 500 Police Community Safety Officers (PCSOs) for safer communities
  5.  Double the number of children benefitting from free childcare and health visiting

Labour must stay in power in the Assembly to protect:

  1. Free prescriptions to help hard-working families and encourage people back to work.
  2. Free bus travel for pensioners and disabled people and their carers
  3. Free school breakfasts and school milk for the under 7s, a scheme which has proved to be very successful
  4. Support for Welsh students so they will not have to pay higher tuition fees
  5. Help for people who have been made redundant – building on the successful ReAct programme

If you are unable to be in Wales on the 5th May, the elections take place during university spring breaks, you can apply for a postal vote by contacting:

Electoral Registration
Civic Centre
NP23 6XB

Telephone: (01495) 355086/355088
Fax: 01495 357789
Opening hours: Monday to Friday  9am to 5pm

- Katie Hannah Bennett

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