Welsh Assembly

Welsh Assembly

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Lights, Camera .... Cut!

So as we waited with baited breath for the unveiling of the most blood curdling tale of our times since Nosferatu, our very own Bram Stoker, Mr Gideon Osbourne allows us to feast on his first budget.

Sadly this government was exposed to sunlight by their own minister Bob ‘Renfield’ Neil who in a moment of madness revealed ‘Those in the greatest need, ultimately bear the burden of paying off the debt’ and drove a stake through the heart of the government’s so called ‘compassionate conservatism’.

Though we would be naive to say this is the first shred of evidence that prooves this new Goverment merely plays lip service to the needs of our most vulnerable. The cutting of the Future Jobs Fund, the abolotion of the child trust fund, the proposed taxing and limiting of child benefits, the scaling back of tax credits, the increase of VAT, the maintaining of the NI rise for employees have already prooven the bloodthirsty nature of this coalition of the un-living. Just to add the extra bite the cutting of the free school meals for under-priveleged children is just the piece de resitance of this invasion of the food snatchers. But still the hollow screams ring out ‘We’re all in this together’ (What I said to myself whilst watching the ill-fated Mel Brooks, Dracula Dead and Loving it).

But back in the world in the world of the living, just how long can the Lib Dems subscribe to these measures? When these pain-inducing cuts start to bite and sap the life-blood out of the economy how can these so called ‘progressives’ look at themselves in the mirror? Sadly, like Nosferatu, they may see nothing at all.

By Dominic

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