Welsh Assembly

Welsh Assembly

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Yeah I Must Be A Fickle Person...

I have just watched Mandelson's interview on Sky News and have changed my mind about his book and also of his reasonings behind it. I still think he should have waited longer before releasing it, but as they have many times in the past, my opinions of him have changed.

Lord Mandelson is an excellent speaker, his ability to provide substantial arguments to win round an audience or interviewer is a very important talent in the realms of politics. What he has done in order to revive the party from the 1980s rut, along with Blair, Brown and several other leaders (as well as people behind the scenes), has kept the party relevant and though it has faced unpopularity, we owe a lot to New Labour, even though many profess to despise it and its baggage, without it, I'm not sure where we would be today. I think that we need to step away from its rhetoric now, but I still feel that many members of the Party are often blase about Blair, Brown and Mandelson's New Labour and what we have achieved as a political party because of it.

I plan to read Mandelson's book with an open mind, and hope that the media hype (which I admit I was a victim to) is pure exaggeration. I also recommend you watch the interview. Even if it is on Sky News...

PS Can I just say YCH A FI to Cameron and Obama's 'friendship'. Shame on you Barack.



  1. Barack Obama is the leader of the only hyperpower in the world, there is no way he could not be friendly and constructive with the leader of his nations most powerful ally.

    He almost certainly has more in common politically with David Cameron than he does with any social democrat in this country or Europe.

  2. very true! but it doesn't mean I have to like it.