Welsh Assembly

Welsh Assembly

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Not So Handy Mandy....

So.... Mandy is set to release his book today...what does this mean for us?

mandy's book is about to rip up all political 'respect' that might exist between these new labour cronies and expose what we all knew to be true already...the Blair Brown saga.

What can we learn from all this?

Firstly, that the current labour leadership must be about sensible politicians. not a blair brown pissing contest, or any other feuding. But about real policies, real politicians and a real way forward.

Secondly that infighting, something so common on the left worldwide (see Italy for a fine example), is futile. The labour movement is just that, a movement. you can be an ardent socialist, a social democrat, anarcho-syndicalist, or even all of the above and fit in our movement. why is that? because we are about progressing society on to a better place, protecting the vulnerable and promoting equality.

Finally Mandy's book shows how the new labour style of politics with its westminster chateratti and briefing against fellow ministers, is gone. I would rather see the 5 currentleader candidates work together in cabinet, share their view, than fight tooth and nail against each other.

Any good from this?


and the book is at the right time, before the leadership decisions are made, and before any election. 

well done mandy, hope your book sales are good and your pockets well lined.



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  1. Whatever his numerous character flaws, Peter Mandelson has earned lifelong immunity in my mind, and it should be in yours too for facilitating the position we are currently in, for, along with Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, turning Labour into a machine that could win elections.